Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Sculptural Fashion - Zoe Bradley

Is it sculpture or are they clothes? Zoe Bradley' work is so inspirational with the shear size and detail of her pieces. She has designed for Donna Karen, Missoni, Selfridges and Lane Crawford.
A dress made from M and S bags!

Monday, 27 December 2010

QM Fashion Show '08. Some of my A level work.

This work comes in handy for fancy dress partys!!! Modelled by Thea Speke, Emma Philipps, Charlotte Brook and myself  3 years ago.

Vivienne Westwood inspired tartan dress'

Eunsuk Hur...When fashion meets interiors.Quite literally.

Eunsuk Hur is a Textile artist who specialises in laser cutting. I love how delicate it is and how she plays with the idea of it being for fashion and interior together. I like the idea of layering different techniques to create something amazing.

Money is only paper for some!

I wish i had enough money to cut up into works of art. This is laser cut money by tattoo artist, Scott Campbell.

Betty Pepper

'The ways in which time changes and decays objects interests me greatly and I like the notion that all things are ephemeral and constantly in a state of deterioration. My work often deals with stories from the dim and distant past. This is why I choose to work with faded colours. I like the way they look as if they have lived a little.' - Betty Pepper - Textile/ Jewellery Designer.
                                                                          Laser cut book

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Genius of a Generation

This year my stocking was filled with the usuals...pants, socks, chocolate coins, the standard couple of satsumas and...The Alexander McQueen book by Kristin Knox. To me, it was the collection of Autumn/Winter 06 'Widows of Culloden' which I believe to be his one of his most inspirational and exciting collection.
A dress which inspired Lady Ga Ga's extravagent attire!
Fashion fantasy - Shetland Fairytale princess.
Oversized Feather headpiece
A typical Scottish Kilt Mcqueen Style.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

'OH MY GOD..i cant believe it, Ive never been this far away from home'

Click on the link below and watch.

Pure genuis from T mobile. Love it. So simple yet funny. It makes you feel happy, sad, it makes you laugh and most important of all...you remember it and tell your friends about it. My mum cried. To make someone cry at an advert is pretty impressive. This is why I praise T mobile.